On July 4, 1835, only four years after the town of Knoxville was organized, the Presbyterian Church was formed under the Presbytery of Schuyler with seven members and E. P. Noel as pastor.

In 1838, differences arose within the national Presbyterian Church, splitting the church into two groups over matters of discipline and slavery. The Knoxville church also split. The congregation, which then numbered fifty, divided with eight members leaving to form the Old School Church on Broad Street and forty-two members remaining as the New School Church on Main Street. The two churches were reunited in 1870 when the differences were reconciled.

In 1899 the congregation needed a larger space and the present building was constructed on the corner of Main and Market Streets. The building was dedicated in January of 1900, debt-free and with sixteen beautiful stained-glass windows.

The following year the pipe organ was installed. This organ continues in regular service and received national recognition in 2010 by the National Historic Organ Society. A special fund has been established at the church to receive donations toward ongoing maintenance and renovations.

We are looking for a photograph of Rev. L. C. Ilsley who was pastor of the church from 1916 - 1920. If anyone out there can assist us, please e-mail: peg@leag.biz