2016: October Edition



1: Rae Griffith
2: Candy Rosene
8: Jane Smith
11: Ethan Inniss
12: Emilee Gilbert
17: Janet Selman
25: Serena Hansen
26: Deora Inniss, Kim Inniss


5: Ashley Boggs
6: Ron Hatch
7: Jim Rainey
11: Alice Thurman, Sarah Hansen
18: Aubree Bivens
19: Bill Beardsley, Barbara Ball
22: Kelly Wallace
27: C.L. Palmer, Jon Rainey, Ginny Kasser
28: Faron Wallace
30: Joe Beardsley, Gordon King


Congratulations to George and Phyllis Sterr who celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary in August!

C.L. and Linda Palmer will be honored at an open house celebration of their 50th wedding anniversary.
From their daughter Dawne Palmer Pilkington: You are invited on October 29, 2016 from 1:00 - 4:00, please join us in celebrating the 50th wedding anniversary of C.L. and Linda Palmer at the First United Presbyterian Church of Knoxville.  Please bring memories, stories and any photos to share in lieu of gifts.

Lifting Up in Prayer

We continue to pray for those who are homebound: Fred Apsey, Pat Bivens and Clara King (Knox County Nursing Home), Ila Clark (Courtyard Estates), and Joyce Beardsley (Woodridge). We pray for all the members of our church family as they minister to family and friends in the community throughout the month.

We extend our sympathy to Sally Hutchcroft and her family. Sally’s husband, Jim, died September 13. Having been a member since 1948, Jim held the third longest membership in our congregation.

And our sympathy goes also to Lori Nyi and her family at the recent death of her brother.

Economy Corner
A great place to seek out re-purposed items

Resale Shop - Open Thursdays from 10 AM to 2 PM

Continue your support of this ministry. Profits from the resale shop are transferred to the church general fund. Donate. Shop. Thank our volunteers!

Our Military

Remember the safety and well-being of our service personnel daily in your prayers including Mike Burgess (grandson of Rose Burgess) serving in the Navy, Army active duty Joe Beardsley who has returned to his stateside base in Ft. Leonardwood, MO and Mikeal Redington (grandson of Harold Selman) Air Force.

Knoxville Council of Churches

Knoxville Council of Churches met on August 30, 2016 at 7:00 PM here at our church. The group discussed establishing a new meeting schedule rotation, distributing the excess school supplies from 2015 and planning for the 2016 Christmas Food Basket ministry.

Home Communion

Rev. Carolyn Weber and Elder Ginny Anderson have reached out on our behalf to some of our members unable to attend regular worship and offered communion on Sundays following our communion during worship. If you, or someone you know, would like to receive home communion, please let us know.

Family Meeting

We held our first of two Family Meetings for 2016 on September 21, 2016.  Over the next year, we are going to have four Family Meetings (one per-quarter).  We will be discussing who we are as the church, why we exist, where we want to go, and what it will take to do that.  Some highlights gleaned from the first session: “We really loved hearing what church meant to you.  We enjoyed hearing how each of you became part of Knoxville Pres.  The metaphors and adjectives you used to describe your home church were wonderful: family, home, welcoming. accepting, inviting, and more. We gave our definition of church: the people of God living on the mission of God together. We believe the avenues through which we live out the mission of God together to be: family, learners, and servant-missionaries within our context (we'll talk more about this one in early November).I believe, that if the church in small town Midwest is going to be the living embodiment of the gospel, to be the incarnate Christ, our good news is a call back to beauty and joy.  Not as secondary or tertiary, but primary.  Beauty for beauty sake.  Joy no matter the circumstances.  Beauty and joy as fuel for life.  Emerson said, "Never lose an opportunity of seeing anything beautiful, for beauty is God's handwriting.”

New Name for Adult Sunday School: Sunday Social

This group resumed meeting on Sunday, September 4. The first session was a time of discussiontalking about what topics we would like to focus on during the year, and why. We chose to examine the inspiration of scripture.  We will be launching this topic when we resume meetingOctober 16, after our two-week break during the Scenic Drive Fall Festival.  We have dropped the old “Sunday School” label and adopted “Sunday Social” going forward. We are breaking from tradition and may even enjoy some breakfast on occasion during our conversation time.  Join us whenever you can at 9:30 AM on Sunday mornings.

Church Budget

The session will soon bepreparing the church budget for 2017.  Some members have already responded with pledges for an increase in their 2017 giving. A $1000 donation was received from Joan Robertson Dudding in memory of her parents Sumner and Belle Robertson.

2017 Per Capita

The money that we pay, per member, for operating expenses at the Presbytery, Synod and General Assembly will increase next year to an amount of $32.00.  $20.69 remains in our presbytery, $3.81 is sent to the Synod of Lincoln Trails, $7.50 funds the Office of General Assembly. The church plans for this amount as a budget item, and appreciates designated gifts from members for this expense.

Building Maintenance

The session approved replacement of the lower roof. The work will be done this fall by Armor Roofing at a cost of $7675.00. We will also be having some repairs done around the chimney on the upper roof by Rail City Roofing. Thank you to chairman Tammy Boggs and her committee for their work on getting this lined up.

Stone Soup

This annual fundraiser was held again during the annual Knox County Scenic Drive Fall Festival. Profit of $1371.10 was realized. Thank you to Sherry Wallace for obtaining a special Thrivent grant for supplies. This year’s proceeds have been designated ½ for our church-wide mission support and ½ to help pay for needed roof repairs.

Quilts of Valor

Knoxville’s Chapter of QOV received a $500 grant from the recently established Knoxville Community Fund.  A check was presented to the chapter during their weekly workday by community fund board members Tom England and Jim Wenstrom. The grant money is to be used to purchase supplies for quilts to be presented to Knoxville area veterans. The Knoxville Community Fund presents annual grants to groups and projects that positively impact the Knoxville community and its residents.  Thank you to QOV leader Linda Palmer for her work in writing this grant. Proceeds of $1251 were reported from the annual quilt show during Scenic Drive, which will go to offset costs for supplies.  7 quilts were presented during the show days.

2x4 Sundays raise money for Habitat

Our congregation raised $266.08 for this local mission during our awareness Sundays in September.  The work of Knox County Habitat was “drilled” into us and “hammered” homeduring Minute for Mission segments led by Jan Selman and Peg Bivens. Members present signed their names to the 2X4 which will go into the next Habitat home in Galesburg.

Food Pantry Receives Grant

Mary Dawson and Jack Ball completed paperwork that secured a $1000“Bucks for Blessings”  grant from the Presbytery of Great Rivers for use by the Knoxville Food Pantry. Thanks Mary and Jack for your work on this.

Website Revamped
Check out our new website URL and design. www.knoxvillepres.com.  Sarah Hansen has volunteered to maintain this site for us. If you have info to post, please contact Sarah, or session clerk Peg Bivens. Thanks to Sarah for taking this on, and also to David Shaver for his work on our initial site.

Community Thanksgiving Service
Sunday November 20, 2016 at 7:00 PM at Grace Lutheran Church.

November is Tithing Month
Thiswas suggested by member Mary Goff and reinforced by the re-telling of “Josie’s Story”    Josie Andrist, wife of pastor Lane Andrist shared her experience of being a young, single mother of three children, living on a very limited income and angrily challenging God. She promised to tithe her “widow’s mite”  and trust that God would somehow see that she had what she needed. And, to her amazement, SHE DID!  That experience led her to become a faithful tither.  In lean times, and in times of plenty, our church continues to reach out and share our resources. We set aside the first 10% of offering receipts in the month of November each month for a project outside of our regular ministry. Over the years we have seen this small gift bring great joy to both the recipient and to our congregation.  We challenge you to consider making tithinga part of your spiritual life in November, or year-round.

Session Members:

Jack Ball (2017)
129 Westview Dr.
Knoxville IL 61448
309 289 8279

Tammy Boggs (2018)
1530 Beecher Avenue
Galesburg IL 61401
309 337 8830

Peg Bivens (Clerk, 2016)
101 Ivy Lane
PO Box 212
Knoxville IL 61448
309 289 4137 (work)

Mary Dawson (2018)
216 N. Market Street
Knoxville IL 61448
309 368 1384

Linda Palmer (2016)
1441 Knox Station Road
Knoxville IL 61448
309 289 4672

Julie Shaver (2017)
PO Box 594
Galesburg, IL 61448
309 343 5973

Virginia Anderson (2017)
1239 West Losey St
Galesburg IL 61401
309 343 7352

Matthew Hansen, Pastor
201 S Timber St
Knoxville IL 61448
512 652 8793

Rev. Dr Carolyn Weber, Moderator
310 908 8396

Barbara Ball