2016: December Edition



1: Tom Main
2: Linda Palmer, Harold Jenkins
3: Cody Jones, Whitney Beardsley, Matthew Hansen
6: Tammy Wallace Boggs
13: Rose Burgess
17: George Sterr
19: Jonathan Taylor, John Rosene
21: Robin Jenkins
27: Reese Innis
28: Phyliss Sterr


2: Adam Beardsley
5: Emily Huxtable
6: Julie Shaver
13: Doug Beardsley
14: Shirley Payne
16: Amanda Huxtable
20: Jordan Huxtable
21: Sandy Wallace Voss
22: Jeff Bivens

It’s been a busy time since Matthew and Sarah joined us in July, for us and them both. The first six months have gone well and the session and Matthew have agreed to extend his contract past the original December termination.  Yay! And the Hansens have purchased a home in Knoxville, with moving going on this month. We are still is the discovery period of holding our quarterly “Family Meetings.” These are informal supper get-togethers where we talk together and discuss where we have been as a church and what our vision might be for our future. Please make an effort to attend, especially if you have not already been able to. We need everyone’s voice in this process.

The sermon series on Ephesians has concluded and Matthew is now teaching from the lectionary, guiding us through the traditional Advent/Christmas/Epiphany scriptures.  Here is his overview of the lesson texts:

  • 1st Sunday of Advent: :

  • 2nd Sunday of Advent: Ps. 72:1-7, 18-19, Is 11:1-10, , Romans 15:4-13, Matthew 3:1-12

  • 3rd Sunday of Advent: Ps. 146:5-10; Is 35:1-10; Lk 1:46b-55, James 5:7-10

  • 4th Sunday of Advent: Ps. 80:1-7; Is. 7:10-16, 17-19; Ro. 1:1-7; Matthew 1:18-25

  • Christmas Eve: Ps 96; Is. 9:2-7, Titus 2:11-14, Lk 2:1-14

  • New Year’s Day: Psalm 8; Ecclesiastes 3:1-13, Matthew 25:31-46

  • First Sunday of Epiphany: Psalm 29; Isaiah 42:1-9, Matthew 3:13-17

On the January 15, Matthew plans to begin teaching on the Parables.

Lifting up in Prayer
We continue to pray for those who are homebound:  Fred Apsey,  Pat Bivens & Clara King (Knox County Nursing Home), Ila Clark (Courtyard Estates), and Joyce Beardsley (Woodridge.)  We offer continued prayers for healing for Jerry Anderson and Don Wallace who are at home now, continuing their recovery from strokes, and for Andrea Palmer (daughter-in-law of CL and Linda Palmer) who was recently diagnosed with leukemia . We pray for Julian Inniss' family on Grand Bahama recovering from the hurricane damage. We pray for all the members of our church family as they minister to family and friends in the community throughout the month.

Economy Corner
A great place to seek out re-purposed items
Continue your support of this ministry. Profits from the resale shop are transferred to the church general fund. Donate. Shop. Thank our volunteers!

Our Military
Remember the safety and well-being of our service personnel daily in your prayers including Mike Burgess (grandson of Rose Burgess) serving in the Navy, Army active duty Joe Beardsley(he and his wife are expecting their first child soon) and Mikeal Redington (grandson of Harold Selman) Air Force,

Knoxville Council of Churches met on November 1 at Grace Lutheran Church. Reports were given on the conclusion of the school supplies and distribution and plans for the Christmas Food Basket ministry were finalized.

Family Meetings
We held oursecond Family Meeting of 2016 on November 17,  and willbe holding these once per-quarter.  We continued the discussion on who we are as the church; why we exist; where we want to go; and what it will take to do that.  Please plan to join us…we need everyone’s voice as we explore this.

Church Budget
The session considered the first draft of the 2017 Budget at their November meeting. Final adoption will be done in January , after year- end figures are in, and will be presented to the congregation at the annual meeting January 29, 2016.

2017 Per Capita

Building Maintenance
Yay, the roof repairs have been completed! Thanks to Tammy Boggs and her committee for their hard work on this project determining the repairs and securing proposals. And thank you to all our members and friends who have made extra contributions to help fund the repairs. The steps on the South Entrance have been repaired and both sets of steps have been newly painted with caution yellow stripes for better visibility. Thank you Harold Jenkins!

Quilts of Valor
Our chapter has been very visible this fall: annual quilt show, receiving the Knoxville Community Fund grant, and making presentations of quilts to veterans at the Knoxville legion post. The group meets regularly on Tuesdays in the church dining room at 9:00 AM and welcomes new members.

www.knoxvillepres.com  Sarah Hansen has volunteered to maintain this site for us. If you have info to post, please contact Sarah, or session clerk Peg Bivens. Thanks to Sarah for taking this on, and also to David Shaver for his work on our initial site.

Community Thanksgiving Service
We gathered with members of the Knoxville Community on Sunday November 20 atCommunity Bible Church. Matthew was able to participate in the service and read the scripture. The message was delivered by Pastor Chet   who is the new minister at Knoxville Methodist Church. An offering was collected to support the Christmas Food Basket ministry of the Knoxville Council of Churches

November was Tithing Month
$406.30is the amount that will be awarded as our tithing grant from this year’s November receipts. The session will be considering grant recipients at their January meeting. If you have individuals or projects to be considered for the grant, please contact one of the session members.

Advent is here and we are ready!
Thank you to decorating chairman Barb Ball for organizing and guiding our decorating this year. We put things in place on Friday and Saturday November 25 and 26. The crew included Mary Dawson, Sherry Wallace, Tammy Boggs, Julien Inniss, Peg Bivens and Jack and Barb Ball.

Sermon Series for Advent
We have left the book of Ephesians and Matthew has begun a sermon series that will take us through Advent and conclude after Epiphany. This series includes lots of scripture texts and Matthew is asking for volunteers from the congregation to read during the worship service. Let him know if you would be willing to participate.

Bulletin preparation
Thank you to Jane Smith (and Ginny Kasser) who have been our bulletin production volunteers these last months. Peg Bivens will be doing this task starting in January.

December 146:00 PM
You are invited to join usfor the annual Christmas Caroling party at the home of Jack and Barb Ball, 129Westview Drive, Knoxville. We will gather for a light supper and then share carols via telephone with friends and family both near and far.

Christmas Eve Service
December 245:30 PM
Scripture, song, candlelight.
Please join us for this special
worship service, noting that this year’s service will also be replacing Sunday worship since the last Sunday of the month falls on Christmas Day, December 25 and we will NOT be holding worship services that morning.

Christmas Food Baskets
We are participating in this annual mission projectdirected by the Knoxville Council of Churches. The baskets are being packed this week by volunteers.  Community groups have helped collect food items along with the donations from member churches. Money gifts are still being sought to help with the cost incurred for items purchased through the Riverbend food resource distribution center and the perishable items purchased at Hi-lo. These gifts should be directed to Council of Churches treasurer Tammy Baker, 518 Mill Street, Knoxville, IL61448.

Baking for the Building
Tammy Boggs and Sherry Wallace are conducting an extra fundraising effort forbuilding maintenance. They are offering holiday baking: homemade cookies, bread, pies, coffee cakes. Contact Sherry at 309 289-4755 or Tammy at 309 342-3448 for more details or to place orders.

Special Music
Ginny Kasser will be arranging for special music during worship service next year. Please contact Ginny if you, or someone you know, would be willing to share music with us.

Stone Soup….Results
This fundraiser is a success each year because of the teamwork efforts from our congregation.  $1379.10 was realized in profit, ½ which is sent off to Presbyterian Mission support, and ½ designated for the bill on the roof repairs. Unsold soup, pies, BBQ was donated to the Galesburg Rescue Mission and a good time was had by all.

Our efforts are appreciated…
Nice thank you notes were received from the Galesburg Rescue Mission “ Thanks so very, very much for your very large and delicious food donation! It is being enjoyed by everyone here!” and from Jordan Knight at Habitat “Partners like you have helped us work toward eliminating poverty housing in the Knox County Community. ..Thank you for enabling us to do so.”

Annual Meeting
January 29, 2016
 The Annual meeting of the Congregation and Corporation will be held Sunday January 29, 2016 immediately following worship. Rev. Dr. Carolyn Weber will moderate the meeting.

Christmas and New Year’s Day
Worship services
We will not be holding worship on Sunday December 25. Please join us for worship in the evening on December 24 at 5:30 PM. We will hold regular Sunday worship on Sunday, January 1, 2017 at 11:00 AM.

We have ordered poinsettias again for decoration in the sanctuary. If you would like to purchase one in honor or in memory of family or friends, the cost is $8.00 each. Please contact Mary Dawson 309 368-1384 or send to the church before December 19.

Session Members:

Jack Ball (2017)
129 Westview Dr.
Knoxville IL 61448
309 289 8279

Tammy Boggs (2018)
1530 Beecher Avenue
Galesburg IL 61401
309 337 8830

Peg Bivens (Clerk, 2016)
101 Ivy Lane
PO Box 212
Knoxville IL 61448
309 289 4137 (work)

Mary Dawson (2018)
216 N. Market Street
Knoxville IL 61448
309 368 1384

Linda Palmer (2016)
1441 Knox Station Road
Knoxville IL 61448
309 289 4672

Julie Shaver (2017)
PO Box 594
Galesburg, IL 61448
309 343 5973

Virginia Anderson (2017)
1239 West Losey St
Galesburg IL 61401
309 343 7352

Matthew Hansen, Pastor
201 S Timber St
Knoxville IL 61448
512 652 8793

Rev. Dr Carolyn Weber, Moderator
310 908 8396

Barbara Ball