From the Pastor: Advent Week One

Friends, Family, and Members of Knoxville Pres, 

We want to send a quick email as we are head into the weekend.  

This Sunday, Dec 4, we will be observing the second Sunday of Advent.  We need two extra volunteers for scripture reading this Sunday.   If you can volunteer to read, please contact me.

Sunday, November 27:  We entered Advent with a discussion on hope.  In summary, we said that:

  • Faith is Structured Hope!  
  • Faith deals more with the will, whereas hope deals more on the emotional side.  However, we can't really separate them from each other. 
  • Biblical hope is always revealed, not by words alone, but actions and lifestyle.  Here are just a few examples of what that means:
    • We can't say we hope for a renewed earth and then live in a way that is detrimental to our natural environment.  
    • We can't say we hope for Jesus to come and set all of creation free while participating in economies that enslave others.  
    • We can't say we have hope in a Christ who sacrificed for us poor, sinners out of his own wealth if we don't live lives that sacrifice for the poor around us.  
    • True biblical hope consistently fleshes itself out in the emotions, the will, and then the actions.  
  • To have biblical hope is to point our emotions toward something with such intensity that we begin to live as if that which we hope for is a reality now.  

We closed with the following meditation:  If those around us could not hear our proclamation of hope, and all they had to go off of was our actions, what do our actions reveal about our true hope? 

Enjoy the rest of your week, and we'll see you Sunday! 

Matthew and Sarah