From the Pastor: Advent Week Three

Friends, Family, and Members of Knoxville Pres,

Let me first apologize that this email is coming late in the week - the Hansens have been busy moving into our new Knoxville home! Yay!

Over the past three weeks we have talked about the first three postures of Advent:

Hope: We reflected on the walk to Emmaus in Luke 24. We said that to have biblical hope is to point our emotions toward something with such intensity that we begin to live as if that which we hope for is a reality now. 

Peace:  We said the observation of peace had a yin/yang perspective. The first meditation was around the art of lament (recognizing and naming where our lives work against God's peace) while the second was about recognizing the good (celebrating and taking note of where we leave as peacemakers in the world). 

  • Joy: We talked about joy being the fruit of focusing our attention on the eternal goodness of God (God's power, holiness and mercy) as opposed to our immediate circumstances.

4th Sunday of Advent: This Sunday is the fourth Sunday of Advent in which we will be discussing Love.  We need two more scripture readers for this Sunday.  The scriptures we need read are the following: Isaiah 7:10-16 and Matthew 1:18-25.  If you can read please reply to

Weather:  Looks like it is supposed to get pretty nasty out there this weekend...stay inside, stay warm, and enjoy the beauty of the snow through your windows! Stay warm!

Prayer Requests:

  • Carolyn Weber: Carolyn is having some health issues and is having tests done to see if she may need a pacemaker. 
  • The Palmer's: Remember their daughter-in-law and keep their whole family in your prayers
  • Remember to pray for the continual recovery for both Jerry Anderson and Don Wallace.

Have a great weekend, and if you brave the cold, we'll see you on Sunday!

Matthew and Sarah