From the Pastor

Friends, Family, and Members of Knoxville Pres,

As you know we are having our first family meeting on Wednesday, September 21, 6:30 pm at the church building.

We want to start this meeting by hearing from you. You'll see 3 questions posted below - they are simple questions, but we would like you to put some thought into them. These questions have a two-fold purpose:

1. If you can't attend the meeting, this allows you to participate to some degree.

2. If you are going to be at the meeting, this allows you to think through your responses in advance.

Because we don't know how many will attend, please keep your responses to around 1 minute. That said, you can use this platform or our new website to further expound if you wish.

Here are the instructions:

Read through the questions below. While they are simple questions, many of us have never taken the time to think about them. You should know that this is my spiritual gift - to annoy with questions - ha!

Reply. Once you've put some thought into the questions, simply post your responses below or reply to the church-wide email. The great thing about these questions is that there are no wrong answers!

Summarize. This portion is only for those who are going to be at the meeting. Because we don't know how many people will attend, we need to keep our responses to about 1-2 minutes maximum. Please determine a way to summarize your responses and respect this time frame, while retaining your main point.


Why are you a presbyterian?

What does church mean to you?

What would like to see this church to become, and why?

**Also, if anyone has a white board that we can use for the meeting, please bring it (with dry erase markers).

See you Wednesday!

Matthew and Sarah