From the Pastor

Friends, Family, and Members of Knoxville Pres, 

Just wanted to touch base with you this week on a few items...

Epiphany: This Sunday the "sermon" time will be dedicated to shared stories of personal epiphany stories.  For those who are willing, please take some time this week to think of a time when God revealed himself to you in a small, big, silent, loud, or even strange way.  Taking time to remember the things God has done is one of the most important formative practices of the church.  This remembering informs the way we live in the present and ignites our future expectations of hope.  So, this Sunday, I want to dedicate some time to do just that, and then I will wrap up with a story of my own and a short summary of the new series we are going to begin.

New SeriesGod's great ambition was not to send his Son to die so that a well-ordered Sunday morning club could initiate (he already had a Saturday version of that); nor was it to provide a simple escape plan.  The church is a means, a means, a signpost, a tangible expression, a people to live out the kingdom of God on this earth.  The life and message of Jesus is the epiphany of the Kingdom.  His life illustrates what it looks like to live as kingdom citizens, and his stories, or parables, tells us about the kingdom.  So, for the next several months we will be engaging Jesus' parables on the Kingdom of God.  

Have a great week and we'll see you Sunday!

Matthew and Sarah