2017: February/March Edition

From the Editor:
Church administration is easier when you are not growing, changing, and engaging in life.
This is the realization I have come to recently. Things have been stirred up this last year and we are still evolving as a congregation under new leadership. It’s an energizing time. It’s exciting. And it’s exhausting as well. But it has reminded me again that life is not static: my own life, my spiritual life, and the life of our church.  And I am delighted that our small congregation here at Knoxville Pres is indeed ALIVE. It’s exciting to be a part of this new journey as we examine more deeply what we are called to be and to do here in Knoxville as God’s church.

We are the same, but we are different. It’s hard to put into words. It’s more of a feeling. We are becoming more receptive to the presence of the Holy Spirit at work amongst us.

We are a church family, working together to comfortand support each other through times of trial and sadness, rejoicing in times of joy and celebration, reaching out to make a difference in our community. Opportunities abound to witness to our Christian faith in our community through the Council of Churches, the school system, co-operative Vacation Bible School, the list is endless.

Administrative details are just a necessary by product of all this living life abundantly.  It’s a blessing, indeed!

Lifting up in Prayer

We continue to pray for those who are homebound: Fred Apsey, Pat Bivens and Clara King (Knox County Nursing Home), Ila Clark (Courtyard Estates), and Joyce Beardsley (Woodridge).  We offer continued prayers for healing for Deb Beardsley for her cardioversion procedure, Jerry Anderson as he continues recovery from a stroke, Andrea Palmer (daughter-in-law of CL and Linda Palmer), and Kathy Burgess (daughter-in-law of Rose Burgess) who are both undergoing treatment for cancers. We pray for all the members of our church family as they minister to their families and friends in the community throughout the month.

In Sympathy

We extend heartfelt sympathy to the family of Alice Thurman who died on February 20, 2017. Alice had the distinction of having been a member for the most years, and shared her memory of her mother waking her up to church and enrolling her in the nursery class at age 4.

Economy Corner
A great place to seek out re-purposed items
Continue your support of this ministry. Profits from the resale shop are transferred to the church general fund. Donate. Shop. Thank our volunteers!

Our Military
Remember the safety and well-being of our service personnel daily in your prayers including Mike Burgess (grandson of Rose Burgess) serving in the Navy, Army active-duty Joe Beardsley (he and his wife are expecting their first child soon) and Mikeal Redington (grandson of Harold Selman), Air Force.

Family Meetings
Wednesday, March 1 2017, 6:00 pm, potluck supper

Please plan to join us. We need everyone’s voice as we explore where we are headed as the church. Watch for dates for the upcoming 2017 meetings to soon be announced.

Church Budget
Final adoption will be done by the session in January, and will be presented to the congregation at the annual meeting on January 29, 2017. Total amount $56,375.00

2017 Per Capita

Yes, we did have winter a bit here in Knoxville, Illinois. Thank you to our snow shovel-er, Jeff Bivens, for clearing the walkways.

Visit www.knoxvillepres.com. Sarah Hansen maintains this site for us. If you have info to post, please contact Sarah, or session clerk Ginny Kasser.

Bulletin Preparation
Peg Bivens is the volunteer handling this job January–April.

Baking for the Building
Tammy Boggs and Sherry Wallace conducted an extra fundraising effort for building maintenance during the holidays that was well-received by members. They offer homemade cookies, bread, pies, and coffee cakes. Contact Sherry at 309 289-4755 or Tammy at 309 342-3448 for more details or to place orders.

Special Music
Ginny Kasser will be arranging for special music during worship services. Sarah Hansen has offered to share piano selections and will be teaching us some new hymns and songs on the fourth Sunday each month. Please contact Ginny if you, or someone you know, would be willing to share music with us.

Annual Meeting
January 29, 2017
The Annual meeting of the Congregation and Corporation was held Sunday January 29, 2017 immediately following worship. Rev. Dr. Carolyn Weber moderated the meeting with 18 members present. Ginny Kasser and Linda Palmer were elected to 3 year terms on the session. Annual reports were received. Membership showed a decrease of one member due to the death of James Hutchcroft, total now of 58. Fellowship reported an active year with events including family meeting potlucks, ice cream social and stone soup fundraisers, bereavement meals, socials tied with worship services in the park and during Holy Week as well as the annual caroling party. Financial secretary Mary Dawson reported an average attendance of 21.64 with the highest number of 68 on Christmas Eve. The Economy Corner resale shop contributed $7000 to the church general fund in 2016. Building and Maintenance presented a lengthy written report detailing their activity during the year, chief of which was the roof repairs. They also listed proposed projects for 2017. The annual report of the treasurer showed us finishing the year in the black: receipts of $50,709.64 against expenses of $49,254.65.

Thank You from Linda Palmer
“Thank You to the session and congregation for your special gift at Christmas. It was very much appreciated." - Linda Palmer, organist



We will have a service for imposition of the ashes at 7:00 PM on Wednesday, March 1.
This will follow the family meeting potluck at 6:00 PM.
Members of the First Christian Church have been invited to join with us for this service.

Looking ahead to Holy Week...

April 9: Palm Sunday
April 13: Maundy Thursday Seder Meal
April 14: Good Friday Evening Worship Service
April 16: Easter Sunday - Potluck Breakfast at 10:00 AM, Worship at 11:00 AM

To Knoxville’s robotics team, coached by Julian Inniss, for their competition accomplishments, and to Dustin Kasser on being recognized as a NationalMerit Scholar and on making the Dean’s Scholarship at University of Rochester.

We observed Laity Sunday on February 19, 2017 with members of our congregation conducting the service in the absence of Pastor Matthew Hansen who was finishing some of his coursework in Portland, Oregon. Thank you to Peg Bivens for organizing the service and to those who helped lead: Ginny Kasser and Jack Ball spoke on the topic of the Beatitudes. Sarah Hansen provided special music.  Serena Hansen was liturgist; Barb Ball lead the prayers. The altar draping, alluding to the mountain top, added a different dimension and we managed to light the candles without setting anything on fire, thanks to Sherry Wallace’s skills as acolyte.

Pulpit Supply
Matthew will be gone March 12, and possibly March 19. He is traveling back to Austin to take care of selling their home there.

One Great Hour of Sharing 2017
“ You shall be called repairers of the breach.” (Isaiah 58)

Entering the season of Lent marks our annual participation in, and focus on, the mission of the interdenominational One Great Hour of Sharing program. Throughout this time we are asked to focus on examining and acknowledging our own resources and discerning how we might share those gifts with others. Money collected through the Presbyterian Church makes a difference in the world through three impactful programs: Presbyterian Disaster Assistance (32%), the Presbyterian Hunger Program (36%), and Self-Development of People (32%). We receive this special offering throughout the next six weeks, with formal dedication on Palm Sunday.

Easter Lily Garden
We will again be taking orders for lilies to be designated in honor or memory of your loved ones. The prepaid cost is $8.00. Orders should be placed by April 2, 2017 by sending to the church or contacting Mary Dawson, 216 N Market St. Knoxville IL61448

Number of plants______

In honor of _____________________________________________________________________

In memory of_____________________________________________________________________________

Community Opportunity

February 26:  Baked Potato Bar Lunch @ Orange Chapel 11-2
March 11: Fundraiser Tea for LaGrace Hall of Hope @ Lake Story Pavilion 1-4 PM
March 25: Elvis Gospel Concert @ KHS auditorium6-8 PM

Council of Churches Christmas Food Baskets delivered to 85 families this year, serving 318 individuals, 138 of which were children.  Thank you for your support of this project.

1: Julian Inniss
10: David Jenkins, Patty Rainey Sullivan
25: Vance Swope
29: John Beardsley
31: Grayson Palmer
9: Ashton Hansen
14: Ian Smith
16: Lucas Kasser
20: Audrey Martin, Harold Selman

Session will meet March 8, 2017.

Jack Ball (2017)
129 Westview Dr.
Knoxville IL 61448
309 289 8279

Tammy Boggs (2018)
1530 Beecher Avenue
Galesburg IL 61401
309 337 8830

Ginny Kasser (Clerk, 2019)
644 Knox Rd 1000N
Gilson IL 61436
309 335 3171

Mary Dawson (2018)
216 N. Market Street
Knoxville IL 61448
309 368 1384

Linda Palmer (2016)
1441 Knox Station Road
Knoxville IL 61448
309 289 4672

Julie Shaver (2017)
PO Box 594
Galesburg, IL 61448
309 343 5973

Virginia Anderson (2017)
1239 West Losey St
Galesburg IL 61401
309 343 7352

Matthew Hansen, Pastor
4 Gilbert Park
Knoxville IL 61448
512 652 8793

Rev. Dr Carolyn Weber, Moderator
310 908 8396

Barbara Ball