From the Pastor

Friends, Family, and Members of Knoxville Pres,

Hey y'all, hope all is well.  We just wanted to catch up with you and remind you of a few things.


  • Scenic Drive: For two Sundays in October, we are dedicated to Scenic Drive. We will be gathering at 9am in the basement on October 8th & 15th
  • Dangerous Act of Loving Your Neighbor: Our Sunday School Class will be beginning the study, "Dangerous Act of Loving Your Neighbor".  My hope is that everyone in our church will go through this book in the spirit of self-reflection.  I first read it in 2010 and loved it.  Even if you can't make it to the Sunday School class.  Please buy the book and spend time going through it like a devotional.  If you buy on Amazon, click HERE and it will take you to the page.   
  • Supply Drives: We as a church are partnering with a school in Houston to supply them with school supplies that are needed based on the damage incurred by the hurricane.  We are also partnering with Community Bible Church to collect toiletries and nonperishable for the victims of both Hurricane Irma (Florida) and (Harvey).
  • Trinity: We will be talking about the trinity again this Sunday, but this time we will be talking about it from a more practical perspective.  If you didn't get the notes on Sunday, you can find them below:


Foundational Statements about the Trinity: If Jesus is not fully divine

…then to worship him is to worship a created being - idolatry

…he cannot truly reveal the Father to us.

…then he cannot forgive us for offenses toward God.

…then there was a time when he did not exist, then there was a time when the Father did not exist as the Father or as Love.

ATTRIBUTES OF THE TRINITY: I would rather you understand the implications of Trinity that be able to articulate the doctrine of Trinity. 

  • God does not begin with singularity but with plurality: 
    • Before God is single person (intrapersonal), the Divine is interpersonal (Gen1-3)
      • What’s the difference?  To be “intrapersonal" is to be self-contained and self made…to be interpersonal is to both contain the other and be contained by the other; it is to allow and acknowledge how the other helps make you the unique you, you are…
      • It’s interdependency 
        • Pause: Shouldn’t it completely redefine what we mean when we think of “Image of God”
    • This relationship is called Perichoresis; C.S. Lewis called this “Dance of Joy”.
  • Before God is authoritative, the Divine is Love (1 John 4:8) - maybe a better way to say this is to say all of God’s authority is loved based; as opposed to a pagan view of God calling the shots verses a agape Love. 
  • There is no hierarchy within the Trinity; there is only equality
    • Each member of the Trinity plays distinct roles accomplishing one Divine will. 
  • The Divine is not a closed circle, but eternally inviting (John 17)