From the Pastor...

Friends, Family, and Members of Knoxville Pres,

We just wanted to drop you an email to update you on and remind you of a few things: 

  • Scenic Drive: Scenic Drive is right around the corner, October 7-8th and 14th-15th.  Due to this we will be moving our Sunday worship services downstairs to the basement for the 8th & 15th as well as moving our start time from 11am to 9am for those two Sundays only.  
  • Ginny Kasser: Just to update you on Ginny.  Last I communicated with her she is doing great.  They have her stationed in Florida serving and managing other volunteers.  Keep her in your prayers as well as all those effected by the hurricane. 
  • Hurricane Relief: As we have stated before we are partnering in two hurricane relief projects: 
    • Houston School: We are collecting school supplies to be sent in a couple weeks.  Please bring them on Sundays and place them in the collection in the back of the church.
    • Church Partnership: We are partnering with Community Bible Church and other local churches for victims from both hurricanes.  You can either bring canned goods, non-perishables and toiletries to church on Sunday or drop them off at Community Bible in their large trailer.
  • Barb & Jack Ball's family: They were away on Sunday due to the birth of a new grandbaby.  Keep mom, dad, baby, Barb,and Jack in your prayers.  All is good! 
  • Family Meeting: Just a reminder, tonight we will be meeting at 6pm at the church to kick off this years family meetings.  Bring food and a heart ready for discussion.  
  • Finally Doctrine Series: Below are the notes from our final sermon in the Trinity portion of the series: 


Doctrine, pt. 8 - Trinity: Practical Implications


  • God does not begin with singularity but with plurality
  • All of God’s authority and creativity are an outflowing of his love. 
  • There is no hierarchy within the Trinity; there is only equality, yet differentiated by personality and roles
  • The Divine is not a closed circle, but eternally inviting.

Basis: If God’s identity is found within relationship, then my identity as an image bearer of God is more relational than it is individual.

Relationship with the Trinity

  • What are ways you currently encounter God? here we took some time listing ways each of us currently encounter God.  For example - prayer, scripture reading, church attendance, worship music, etc...
  • How can you can encounter God in a more diverse way? We discussed ways/modes/practices that maybe we haven't tried before as a means to encountering God: meditation, people, listening without correcting those who are different than us, being in nature, etc...take some time this week and think how you might be able to practice the presence of God in new ways. 

Relationship within Community: What are a few ways you can move into deeper relationship with those you already know?  Here we talked about being more intentional with those we already know.  Maybe our relationships have been more surface.  Maybe we don't push each other like we should.  Maybe we don't challenge each other.  Maybe we are afraid of being vulnerable.  But if the trinity, Pure Relationship is the model of what it means to be the image of God and to love others then we need to start down the path of vulnerability and depth with those we already know. 

Relationship with the Other: Who are a few people you can begin to invite into the fabric of your life (and who might be inviting you into theirs)?

  • I think one of the keys here is to recognize the other as a subject and not just an object (we see this most in those we see as different or those we serve - serving with rather than serving to):
  • We need to begin to invite those we may consider the stranger or the other into our lives, a few, not a lot, we want to go deep not necessarily broad.  Have them over on a regular basis.  Sit around your table, get to know each other, and make your priority to learn from them.  

Modern society is based in a series of radical disconnections between body and soul, husband and wife, marriage and community, community and earth. At each of these points of disconnection the collaboration of corporation, government, and expert sets up a profit-making enterprise that results in further dismemberment and impoverishment of creation (body and soul, husband and wife, marriage and community, community and earth) - Wendell Berry

As Trinitarians we best live out the doctrine of the Trinity when we begin to recognize and work against those disconnections.